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The Book About Kenny Klinkert (Cosmic Ken):

Kenny: The Man Who Looked Like the Shroud
A True Account Documented and Edited by Ernest Kolowrat

Ken Klinkert - The Man Who Looked Like the Shroud

Ken Klinkert - The Man Who Looked Like the Shroud

The truth does not need an organization;

The truth does not need a leader;

The truth does not need a God;

The truth only needs more truth.

-- Ken Klinkert

About the Author

Ernest Kolowrat 2010

Born in Prague in 1935, Ernest Kolowrat attended schools in the former Czechoslovakia, Turkey and England before emigrating to the United States following the Communist coup in 1948. He graduated from Yale in 1956 and served as a naval reserve officer for three years on a refueling ship with the U. S. Pacific Fleet.

During the decade of the 1960s, Ernest Kolowrat was successively employed as world affairs editor for Scholastic Magazines in New York, director of information for the American Institute for Foreign Study in Greenwich, Connecticut, and director of 10th Anniversary Programs of the Peace Corps in Washington. Since 1971, he has been a free lance writer, publicist and film maker. He is the author of Hotchkiss: A Chronicle of an American School.

Ernest Kolowrat is married to Barbara W. Newell, former president of Wellesley College and U.S. ambassador to UNESCO in Paris.

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Ken Klinkert - His Mission on Earth by Ernest Kolowrat
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