Ken "Cosmic KEN" Klinkert

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Short Biography of Ken "Cosmic KEN" Klinkert

Ken Klinkert - Boyhood Portrait

Ken "Kenny" Klinkert was raised in Savannah, Georgia. He attended public schools, and experienced the average american middle-class life in the South. He was not an over-achiever in any particular area, but was considered more of an average student.

Ken Klinkert - In the Barracks Ken Klinkert - In the Barracks

Ken joined the military in 1967.
Private First Class E-3 Kenneth Klinkert served in the Vietnam conflict. Ken was awarded the Air Medal, a Purple Heart, and and Bronze Star during the performance of his duty over seas.

Ken Klinkert - In the Trenches

Ken Klinkert - Purple Heart Recipient

Ken Klinkert - Bronze Star Recipient

Ken Klinkert - Air Medal Recipient

Ken Klinkert - Laguna Beach, CA

When Ken returned to the United States after serving his tour of duty in Viet Nam, he dedicated his life to truth and freedom. Ken travelled across the country walking and hitchhiking, and meeting and speaking with people along the way.

Ken lived in Laguna Beach, California for several months where he made many friends.

Ken has returned to his hometown of Savannah where he now resides. He continues to share his stories and listen to the stories of each of the people he meets each day. Ken believes that we all have a part of the truth to share. Ken encourages everyone to be open to the truth and share the truth.

Ken Klinkert - Closeup Ken Klinkert - Laguna Beach, CA Ken Klinkert - Closeup

Today, Ken Klinkert Walks beside the Ocean Waves at Savannah Beach

Ken Klinkert - Walking on the Beach with Seagulls at Savannah Beach

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